Taste Boosting Technology that Brings Out the Best

Sensient makes it effortless.

Functional, natural and great-tasting—these are the non-negotiable attributes of best-selling products today. But getting it all right can be challenging. Adding or subtracting ingredients will naturally impact the original taste.

At Sensient, a leading food and beverage flavoring company, we offer technologies designed to enhance flavor and restore differentiating taste characteristics that may otherwise be lost—from the perception of sweetness or sodium, to replicating desired mouthfeel or moisture level.

TrueBoost™ Mouthfeel

Through our exclusive technology, we can restore the creamy, cheesy or buttery notes of dairy and non-dairy alternatives that have cleaner or shorter ingredient labels.

TrueBoost™ SensaSalt™

Less sodium, full taste – that’s the promise of our SensaSalt technology. We can enhance in-demand flavors like umami through natural flavor.

TrueBoost™ Sweetness

Your customers can enjoy the sweet life without the sweet ingredients or calories. Our technology allows us to mimic a full-sugar taste naturally or rebuild a full-sugar mouthfeel in products that use sugar replacers or have reduced sugar.

TrueBoost™ Amplify

In a world of endless flavor options, don’t let yours fall flat. Our exclusive natural enhancement technology punches up boldness of desirable flavor notes, across a variety of applications.

TrueBoost™ Entice

Using alternative proteins, like plant-based meats or meat alternatives, may be healthier but can also result in a dry texture. Our Entice technology restores the moistness, juiciness and mouthfeel that are key to overall great taste and expected texture.


Our TenderSeal technology is designed to control moisture, flavor and natural meat juices in poultry, beef and pork through the cooking process, resulting in a more tender, juicy and delicious entrée.

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