Savory Flavors for Every Palate

From traditional to on-trend, let us customize flavors that set your products apart.

Consumers today expect taste to be an experience—evoking the senses, tasting great and incorporating all the right ingredients. From a desire for better-for-you profiles to exploration of new tastes, to food as comfort and more, it’s essential to perfect every element that goes into creating a noteworthy flavor. That’s where Sensient Flavors & Extracts excels.

We combine the expertise of flavorists and application scientists and apply cross-category insights and extensive flavor systems to achieve the perfect mix of functional, visual and taste benefits in each flavor profile. Rich, authentic, spicy, umami or anything in between—we can turn your ideas into game-changing products.

Explore our savory flavor enhancers:

Ingredients that flavor our lives

savory flavor enhancers for sauces & dressings

Sauces and Dressings

We’ll use our expertise to help you reinvent your traditional sauces and dressings for more depth, interest and originality. Together we’ll create refreshed appeal with global hints and unexpected twists.

savory flavor enhancement for soups


From the natural flavors of ingredients and reaction flavors behind cooking methods, to the front, middle and backend notes that produce aroma, body and depth—we’re versed in balancing the layers of flavor-enhancement to create unforgettable soups.

plant based food production


Achieving a delicious, true-to-life taste is essential in plant-based products. Our experts can help you actualize innovative ideas or refine your existing products for upgraded taste and a cleaner profile.

research process for savory flavor enhancement

Distinctive flavors. Accelerated development.

Our distinct understanding of the flavor pyramid, lifecycle process and global flavor palates enable us to move faster in creating customized samples for product development or refinement, as well as replication of completed applications and concepts. Capabilities include taste modulation, flavor masking, sodium and sugar reduction, savory inclusions, mouthfeel and flavor enhancement.

Our lab and kitchen-scale equipment includes a retort system, blast freezer, and tumblers as well as the ability to mimic Aseptic processing. So, you can find that perfectly nuanced taste experience that differentiates your product.

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