Beverage Flavors That Cause A Stir

Trust Sensient for finished beverage formulas, from bench to production.

With new beverages hitting the market every day, it’s more important than ever to differentiate. Flavor with function and natural ingredients are top of mind for consumers today.

As a leading beverage flavoring company we’ll begin with insights like this and apply flavor technology for end-to-end product development. Our world-class beverage developers are supported by Flavorists and Color Chemists working together in one location for expert collaboration.

The foundations of great flavor

alcoholic beverage flavoring company


Think beer, cocktails, cordials/liqueurs, distilled spirits, malt beverages/malternatives and wine. Whatever your need, we can help you develop your alcoholic beverages with perfected authenticity.

low/no alcohol beverage flavoring

Low/no alcohol

With demand for spirit-free drinks on the rise, we’ve done the research and have mastered the ability to recreate the mouthfeel and flavor profiles of liquor and alcoholic beverages.

healthy beverage creation


Protein, fermented, recovery and supplemental drinks are in high demand. From those that offer hydration and energy boost to digestive aid, relaxation and more, often needing off-note masking – our flavor technologists will work with you to recreate existing products or invent groundbreaking new ones.

performance drink creation


Performance drinks are always evolving to bring consumers more of what they want, from replenishing fluids to boosting energy. We’ll help you find and develop the perfect ingredient mix to make yours stand out.

beverage creation company

The perfect mix of capabilities

For every subtlety behind your beverage creations, Sensient is fully equipped with expertise, capabilities, and equipment. We can mimic full-scale, industrial production for beverage processes and support flavors that meet labeling requirements for artificial, natural, extracts, non-GMO, organic and more. This along with taste modulation, adding sensory experiences and technology development translates into shorter development time and faster speed to market for new products.

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