Discover your unique flavors.

Flavors play an enormous role in the success of a finished product; if a product doesn’t taste good, it wont sell. At the heart of every great taste experience is flavor.

Sensient’s flavor technologists are deeply skilled in the ability to create clean, natural labeling alongside expertise in crafting fun, eye-catching and delicious flavor combinations for foods and beverages.

Our flavorists are experts in their field and understand the complexity behind building a great tasting, consumer-preferred flavor from the ground up. When building the perfect flavor, our flavorists consider the full flavor build – from backend notes that are the foundation providing body and depth, to the middle notes that define the character and profile, to the front notes that provide the immediate perception of freshness.

For a more in-depth look at our process and how we can work together to create flavor innovation, be sure to contact us and schedule a visit to our collaborative Innovation Hub in Hoffman Estates, IL.

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