Better Baked Goods Every Time

Sensient can rise to every challenge.

From extending shelf-life to improving taste and mouthfeel in better-for-you products—finding the perfect mix of ingredients, taste and processes in baked goods can be a complex process. But we’re here to make it simple. We can partner with you to solve any and every challenge with innovative bakery flavoring solutions.

We combine a unique collection of technology solutions, a “first time right” prototyping model, and advanced onsite equipment to fine-tune and enhance your bakery products while significantly shortening your product development time.

Expert technology to perfect your products

bake stable flavors

Bake Stable Flavors

To prevent boiling out, burning or spreading of fillings and maintain your intended color, taste and texture—we offer a wide range of bake stable flavors perfect for any bakery application.



Our unique delivery system brings you exceptional natural flavors and colors in a ready-to-eat format that allows for extended shelf life, greater flavor retention and artisanal flexibility.

sugar reduction bakery solutions

Sugar Reduction

Our TrueBoost® Sweetness is a smart sugar replacement that can bring you closer to a full sugar sweetness profile, help rebuild the full sugar mouthfeel, and allow you to label your product as natural flavor.

flavor enhancers

Flavor Enhancers

From backend notes for body and depth, to middle notes that define character and profile, to front notes that provide the perception of freshness—we’ll look at the full flavor build and precisely what’s needed to enhance your flavors.

bakery flavoring solutions

Bringing your baked goods up to speed

At Sensient, we’ve mastered the technology needed to perfect your baked goods. With a range of proprietary systems, we can address the issues that arise in baking processes, mouthfeel development, color & flavor longevity, and ingredient balance—for great taste and the best consumer experience.

We’re able to recreate specific production conditions and mimic completed baked goods concepts, ensuring optimum flavor and color performance when scaled to production. Powered by our large-capacity spiral dough mixer and ovens programmable for different bake cycles—including pre-proofed, raw or par-baked products—we’ll ensure your product is elevated to its full potential.

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