Making plant-based taste better than ever.

Consumers value health, the environment, transparency and especially don’t want to sacrifice taste. They want plant-based burgers that “bleed”, dairy-type cheeses that melt like the real thing, and desserts that are so decadent you can’t even tell it was made mostly from plants.

With the growing desire for sustainability and wellness, plant-based foods are a key area of growth and opportunity. With plant-based products, however, there is a balancing act that must be maintained to satisfy consumers. First, the product needs to be healthy, with a cleaner ingredient label, recognizable ingredients and better-for-you claims. Taste is still the most important factor, so products must also taste good. Consumers demand wholesome products that are true-to-life in taste from beginning to end.

Our team of culinary experts, flavorists and application scientists are excited to collaborate with you on making your plant-based foods and beverages cleaner and better for consumers while still being craveable and delicious.

Learn more about our innovative plant-based food solutions below, or reach out to us to chat. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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