Ingredients that make Ice Cream Irresistible

You’ll find them all at Sensient.

Innovating in ice cream and frozen dessert flavor is essential to staying competitive. And the secret to getting it right is the perfect symmetry of flavor, taste, texture, color and overall appearance. At Sensient, we’ve developed the perfect portfolio that helps us hit the ideal balance of ingredients, based on your needs.

Our ice cream ingredient portfolio is extensive. From flavors, colors and extracts to inclusions, variegates, fruit feeds and more—we meticulously integrate the ingredients, insight and capabilities that turn your big ideas into trailblazing products.

Every Ingredient Imagined

Flavors, Colors & Extracts

We offer a comprehensive array of options for flavors, extracts and colors to streamline and customize your recipe development.

Flavor Bases

Our on-trend flavored and colored bases will add dimension and depth to your ice cream, frozen treats and refrigerated desserts.

Variegates and Fruit Feeds

Fruit-based, caramel, fudge and other variegates and feeds can be swirled or blended in.

Hard Candy

We can blend small pieces of colored and flavored hard candy, like peppermint and toffee, into any ice cream variety.

Frozen Coated

Interested in adding pieces covered with colored and flavored coating, used frozen or refrigerated? We can do that too.

Flakes and Chunks

We’ll integrate flavored and colored flat pieces that are firm when frozen but melt in the mouth.

Cold Extruded Dough

Feature soft extruded pieces like cookie or brownie dough into your ice cream variety with ease.

Specialty Coatings

We’ll help you create delicious frozen novelties using colored and flavored coatings or for use as liquid chip.

Expanded Panning

For centers coated with hard sugar shell, compound coating or real chocolate, we produce and integrate panned confections.

Rapid Product Development

Our exclusive innovation facility allows us to work closely with you for full product development, from consumer insights through ideation, concept development and product prototyping.

We can deliver rapid bench formulation with multiple iterations in just days. Our full flavor systems-expertise, trials, sensory analysis, and retail-like prototypes can work with any flavors, inclusions or variegates—allowing us to show proof of concept at a pilot scale. Plus, our laboratory-sized facility offers scalability to industrial application and advanced features like a continuous ice cream freezer, ingredient-doser and variegate nozzle. It all comes together to launch your product, shorten your time to market and support your brand.

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