Must-have Mocktails Start with SensaCraft

We’ll help you create the complexity of flavor you need to stand out.

No or low-alcoholic spirits are multiplying on menus and surging in popularity on the shelf. But yesterday’s mocktails don’t measure up. Today, zero-proof options need to taste and feel more like the real thing. Our one-of-a-kind SensaCraft portfolio offers everything you need to make a splash.

From reimagined classics to bold new flavors, our experts will partner with you to devise mocktails that replicate the carefully mixed ingredients and sensory experiences of a traditional cocktail.

Striking the perfect balance

Alcohol-type Flavors

Our flavors allow you to mimic the taste of Tequila, Gin, White Rum, Whiskey and Bitters for any product or application—stable for processing with a non-hazardous flashpoint.

Alcohol Burn Enhancer

Producing the same mouth sensation perceived with alcohol is a key capability of our SensaCraft technology, including versions suited to still cocktails or carbonation.

Sweet Mouthfeel

We can also provide a sweet or syrupy mouthfeel like those experienced in classic favorites like Margaritas, Mojitos or Daiquiris, even in low/no sugar products.

Foam Heading Agent

Essential to every satisfying brew, our foaming agent adds a lusciously foamy head on no or low-alcoholic beverages to give a freshly crafted experience.


Another critical element to recreating the authenticity of alcoholic beers is a cloudy appearance. Our Cloud emulsion and color technology allows us to perfectly emulate the desired presentation.

Better, Faster, Smarter Beverage Development

Armed with our SensaCraft portfolio, we’ll collaborate with you to carefully consider and integrate every element involved in non or low-alcohol beverage creation—blending taste, flavor, color and experience factors and doing it all with precision and speed.

We’ll bring our expertise, capabilities and equipment together to develop your ideas and get you to market faster, including the ability to mimic full-scale, industrial production for beverage processes.

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