Improve Quality, Reduce Waste with TenderSeal for Meat Products

When talking about meat dishes, consumers use the words “juicy” and “flavorful” to describe the ideal product. With Sensient’s new TenderSeal™, manufacturers can deliver on that promise — and so much more.

TenderSeal is a powder added to wet-marinade systems for poultry, beef and pork. This new technology controls product moisture, binding flavor and natural meat juices through the cooking process. The result is a more tender, juicy and flavorful product.

TenderSeal also yields benefits in the cooking and post-preparation areas:

  • Increase cooked weight yields
  • Reduce freeze-thaw purge
  • Stable for frying, grilling or baking
  • No antibiotics ever (NAE)

This flavor technology is specifically engineered to manage textures, purge, cook yield and flavor in a meat system — all in one product.

Product developers who buy or manufacture fresh or frozen meat need a consistent solution for issues with purge/yields in the plant. Many want to replace phosphates and are exploring other ways to boost consumer satisfaction and sales. TenderSeal can help with those business goals, and it is versatile enough to be applied through tumble, injection and immersion marinade processes.

Bind water, hold onto moisture, improve flavor and reduce waste with TenderSeal. Ready to learn more? Let’s be taste buds! Contact Sensient Flavors & Extracts for more information.