Top Flavor Trends in Food and Beverage

According to a recent article in Nutritional Outlook, adventure is back on the menu as people travel to new places and embrace unfamiliar cuisines. At the same time though, experts say consumers are still drawn to nostalgic flavors that bring them comfort, as well as flavors with ties to health and wellness.

Our marketing manager, Jen Lyons, provided insights on how global flavors and consumers’ increased demand for transparency will play an important role in new product development in the coming year.

“With the uncertain economy and inflation on the rise, consumers are looking for an escape, and they are willing to push the envelope and try new cuisines,” said Lyons. “We expect Korean, Indian, Mexican, Peruvian, and Ethiopian flavors to continue to appeal to consumers, with fusions between the cuisines trending—e.g., Mexican/Korean, Thai/Italian, etc.”

Lyons says we can expect to see hot and spicy continue to trend in these categories as consumers seek bold flavors and an elevated sensory experience with their food and beverage products.

“Where we’ll see a shift is the increased demand for traceability,” she predicts. “In the past, consumers just wanted an added kick; now, they want to know the source of the heat. For example, they now want a green jalapeño ranch rather than a spicy ranch.”

Consumers are also looking to try new varietals. As Peruvian cuisine continues to gain traction, Lyons notes the Aji Amarillo pepper has grown in popularity. Aji Amarillo, which translates to yellow pepper, has a raisin-like tartness with hints of passionfruit and mango and works as well in sauces and dressings, as well as fillings and glazes.

While finding new and exciting flavors will be important, Lyons stresses the importance of selecting ingredients that can be traced back to the source.

“Consumers want to experience bold, new flavor experiences, but authenticity is key,” she says. Today’s shoppers are more discerning about the ingredients on labels and are seeking simple, better-for-you ingredients.”

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