Today’s consumers embrace global cuisine from safety of their kitchen

By Roger Lane

Today’s consumers are a worldly group that prioritizes travel and food, almost as a measure of their quality of life, but during COVID-19, the way in which we explore exotic cultures, customs and cuisines is limited. Fortunately, with the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen, consumers can connect with nearly every part of the globe.

There has been an increased interest in home cooking in recent years; as evidenced by the continued success of cooking shows, social media such as Pinterest and Facebook, as well as cooking classes and magazines. Now, with many restaurant dining rooms closing and shelter-in-place orders continuing in some parts of the US, we’ve seen an even bigger surge in consumers opting to eat in. Recreating recipes from across the globe enables consumers to safely experiment with new flavors and ingredients.

Fusion cuisine, which combines culinary traditions with an added modern twist, has gained popularity and familiarity across all age groups – from well-traveled Baby Boomers increasingly exposed to ethnic flavors, and Gen Z, who probably have experienced ethnic cuisine from an early age. Consumers are no longer satisfied with making traditional recipes, but rather seek a melting pot of flavor infusions, such as a balsamic flavored ice cream or a Vietnamese pho-inspired chicken noodle soup.

As consumers become more comfortable cooking with and eating ethnic ingredients, and buying habits shift and evolve during these trying times, we expect shoppers to continue to seek inspiration, convenience and food with added health benefits.

With Sensient’s pulse on the consumer marketplace, and the skills of our flavor technologists, we are able to help our customers turn these flavor fusions into innovative, globally inspired products. 

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