Soup Up Your Product Line With HVP 

Food is a universal language, enabling us to share snapshots of our cultures and upbringings with those we care about. Certain meals can transport us to points in time, evoking strong memories associated with a flavor profile or preparation experience. Food also has the unique ability to transport us to distant places, allowing us to momentarily travel anywhere in the world. By indulging in the flavors of another culture’s cuisine, we develop a deeper understanding of the world around us and the people within it.  

Consider the soup aisle when looking for the perfect place to entice consumers seeking something new. According to Mintel, Soup has a strong foothold in kitchens across America, with 91% of US shoppers reporting that they purchase soup. Soup is also reminiscent of comfort and reliability, presenting an opportunity to take the beloved product to new heights with additions of spice and bold flavor. Many emerging soup flavors that bring the spice belong to cultures across the globe, according to Tastewise. For example, Tam Kha Gai, a Thai coconut chicken soup, or Pozole, a Mexican celebration soup. Consumers want to see flavors that pique their interest on the shelves. When surveyed by Mintel, 64% of people feel that soup brands should release more products with international flavors. Soup presents an opportunity for brands to get creative and show their consumers new corners of the globe through taste.   

When determining how to elevate a product to bring out its distinct flavor, consider Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins, a versatile solution to deliver a decadent, meaty flavor. Better yet, HVPs are vegan and vegetarian-friendly, meaning that they can make any soup more scrumptious. When considering how to introduce consumers to an unfamiliar spice or flavor, Mintel highlights how brands can offer an educational element to their products through posts on social media. One popular grocer features product images alongside blurbs filled with exciting and valuable information. Social media posts can also teach consumers how to get the most out of their soup products to create delicious, nutritious meals by sharing recipes and techniques. Capturing the essence of the ingredients and cultural influence that comprises your product can compellingly engage consumers.   

Different source materials that undergo the hydrolysis process result in varied profiles that meet your specific needs. Whether you are innovating in the booming dry soup category or creating a canned soup filled with cultural influence, Sensient’s HVPs are available in liquid or spray-dried format. We ensure that this umami flavor booster provides enhanced notes and is delivered to you in a way that works for your product.   

You can bring the next phenomenon to the market by remaining on the cutting edge of trends. Creating a product that provides a glimpse into another culture brings additional value to consumers both experientially and educationally, helping to further connect us all. Just as Sensient’s HVPs can bring flavor to new heights, putting a twist on the spices and flavors of regional dishes takes the creative thinking process to exciting places. Our expert team is ready to embark with you on your unique flavor journey. Let’s be taste buds!