Sodium reduction toolbox

The Power of Meat 2018 report shows that nearly half (45 percent) of shoppers want to see the sodium content of meat and poultry prominently highlighted on packaging.

Yeast extracts are recognized for their ability to provide umami flavor and are often part of some salt-reduction system. Some yeast-based taste enhancers provide an additional dimension of flavor through the contribution of roasted flavor notes.

“Our portfolio of yeast extracts can be used to enhance consumer perception of saltiness without adding any additional sodium to the ingredient deck,” says Roger Lane, marketing manager, savory flavors, Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, Illinois. “Since we are primary in yeast extracts and design our own products, we’re able to offer both baker’s and brewer’s yeast as well as provide specific solutions depending on the application challenges.

Yeast extracts are used in a similar way as sodium chloride and are declared on ingredient decks simply as yeast extract. They don’t produce any of the bitterness or chemical notes that can sometimes be a byproduct of the sodium reduction process.

“They can be added at the same step as sodium chloride since they are produced in a powder format,” Lane says. “Since our products are designed to each customer’s specific needs, reduction can range from 25 to 40 percent.”

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