Sensient predicts diverging flavor trends will help consumers find their own

Deepening political and social fissures in America are increasingly polarizing consumers in every facet of their lives, including their approach to diet and what flavors and experiences they will seek in the coming years in foods and beverages, suggests new research from Sensient Flavors.

In Sensient Flavors’ recently released Trends To Taste 2019 report, the firm’s flavorists argue that before manufacturers can predict whether a consumer will embrace or reject a new flavor, food or beverage, they must first understand how consumers are interpreting the “heavy doses of information from around the world” that they constantly receive in their “increasingly connected existence.”

Sensient does this through market excursions, focus groups, qualitative interviews with industry experts and constant monitoring of shifts in consumer behavior. It then layers in responses from the past and present to predict which flavors will flourish in the future and with whom.

Trends to Taste is designed to inspire innovation and offer an understanding of dynamic consumer trends, while translating them into actionable insights. In its Trends To Taste 2019 report, Sensient breaks down its predictions into the past, present and finally the future.

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At Sensient, we believe a consumer’s interaction with the people in their immediate orbit, in the virtual and physical world at large, shapes the stories that are essential to a brand’s creative process. Contact us for a look into what we have created for 2020 Trends to Taste.