Sensient brings more to the table with our HVP offerings

By Roger Lane

HVPs have been used for decades as a cost-effective solution to help manufacturers boost the deep, meaty taste characteristics of savory prepared foods. Sensient understands the importance of these products as part of the broader taste experience and as the only global manufacturer with core competencies in HVPs, yeast extracts, savory flavors, highly defined top notes and natural ingredients, we’re able to build product solutions from the ground up that are unmatched by any of our competitors.

Our capabilities go far beyond those offered by other HVP suppliers because Sensient delivers an unsurpassed breadth of HVP products from our global manufacturing locations in the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. We’re also able to produce an unsurpassed library of flavor profiles – ranging from delicate poultry to hearty beef, from a variety of protein sources. Our library contains products built to avoid specific allergens, create one-of-a-kind flavor profiles and come in both liquid and powder formats to meet our customers’ unique specifications.

If you’re looking for an HVP supplier that brings more to the table; Sensient is the perfect partner for you.

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