Rise of organic growers heightens regulatory scrutiny

The ramped-up consumer demand for clean-label and organic food and beverages has given rise to a corresponding increase in organic growers, according to the USDA. With more than 21,000 organic growers now in the United States and 31,000 globally, that means more oversight will be given to what’s considered “organic compliant” vs. “certified organic.”

For food and beverage manufacturers, all this can lead to uncertainty around both R&D and new-product rollout. That’s why it’s vital to look at the sourcing, purchasing and use of any and all natural ingredients, and the related labeling, to ensure alignment and compliance.

As of Dec. 27, 2019, all flavors must be organic certified if commercially available. If the flavor is not commercially available, the flavor must be derived from organic or non-synthetic sources only and must not be produced using synthetic solvents and carrier systems or any artificial preservative.

Sensient’s organic strategy is consistent: Supply food and beverage manufacturers with long-term, predictable and sustainable organic options. This eliminates worry about reformulation in the future, and allows us to deepen our partnership for devising unique, perfect flavors for all your
product needs.

We have an extensive list of certified organic flavor solutions. If you have questions or would like a sample, please contact us.