Reinventing classic ice cream concepts with trend-inspired flavors

By Keera Perumbala

Even the most diet-conscious among us has one weakness: ice cream. It’s a timeless indulgence and mood elevator; who doesn’t feel better after eating a scoop?

In recent years, ice cream has enjoyed a rise in premiumization and specialty/luxe ingredients as consumers increasingly find comfort in rich, indulgent treats. Sensient Flavors has analyzed consumer trends to identify the following themes impacting consumers’ desire to treat themselves:

  • Sophistication
  • Premiumization
  • Regional Influence
  • Just for Adults
  • Comfort & Nostalgia

Incorporating premium ingredients, sophisticated concepts, regional influence and other premium elements conveys to the consumer a luxe ice cream that makes the calories “worth” it.

One such example: Double Chocolate Stout, an ultra-rich chocolate-flavored ice cream with boozy undertones, just for adults.

As more consumers experiment with flavors, both at home and in their favorite restaurants, desserts are being asked to do more than just taste good. Sensient’s ice cream combinations bring premium ingredients to the market, creating unexplored and exciting opportunities.