New Ways to Capture the At-Home Dining Consumer

Social distancing has created a captive audience eager for fun, easy-prep foods

The continued spread of COVID-19 across the globe means that people are still sheltering at home or are limited in their dining and other “going out” options by social distancing guidelines.

 The pandemic is impacting consumers’ life, lifestyle and livelihood in powerful, unique ways, including:

  • Life: Consumers are staying home and so are focused on how to make their environment more engaging and entertaining. They also want products that have a reasonably long shelf life, so they can stock their pantries and freezers as well as shop for perishables.
  • Lifestyle: Consumers value easy-to-prepare meal options, specifically meal kits that allow for quick assembly while still delivering interesting tastes with healthy, transparently sourced and sustainable ingredients.
  • Livelihood: Consumers are worried about their income and are seeking affordable options that don’t require them to cut back on flavor exploration or a wellness lifestyle.

Food and beverage producers who pay attention to these trends now will be poised to capture more consumers, build loyalty and keep them in a post-COVID world.

Ready to learn more? Please click here ( to view an entire webinar discussion produced by Sensient Flavors and Mintel for Inspired Eating at Home post COVID-19.

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