Most Innovative Ice Cream Flavor

By Mitin Rathod

What makes a winning Ice Cream?

  • Taste is the ultimate truth
  • Consumers, who tell us what indulgence should taste like
  • And our application experts who know how to deliver

At Sensient, innovation is at the forefront of what we do, and with our “Brown Butter Banana French Toast” concept, our team achieved a winning product; second spot as the “most innovative ice cream flavor” among 23 entries.

All entries in the competition were remarkable in their own ways and we congratulate them.

Indulgence is a factor that is really well understood by consumers, and there are no two ways about it. Either you wow our consumers or you don’t. Ice cream specifically satisfies a need and a certain sensorial expectation is attached to it. As taste profiles expand, it is crucial that we link forward-looking flavors with technology-led value add. For Sensient, the goal always remains to be ahead of the trend and create products that bring meaningful moments to life.

How did we create the concept?

It all starts with consumer insights and having a clear understanding of what “good taste” means. As part of global taste and sensory research, we look for how independent flavors and products can collectively bring a unique flavor to surface. We then create concepts that go through both consumer and sensory evaluation to make sure our product promise is met in an ice cream application.

Finally, we do a pragmatic value evaluation to make sure we have created a product that our customers and eventually consumers can appreciate from a value standpoint.

The Winning Concept

Browned butter is a way to instantly make something indulgent in the culinary world. This trend has been taking over the sweet goods and ice cream lately. With the health halo of banana in a flavor, this pint is the feel-good indulgence. Who says you can’t have breakfast for dessert? Our brown butter banana French toast is pure permissible indulgence with a banana puree and French toast base, our Sienna brown in the variegate and French toast pieces as an inclusion.

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