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Marry flavor and color to create a wraparound consumer-snacking experience

In the snack world, it’s not so much that everything is old is new again. It’s more like everything old is reimagined, and everything new is, well… new.

That’s the challenge faced by manufacturers who want to:

It’s a lot to balance, as reported in a recent Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery article that relied on Sensient’s insights into how flavors and colors matter more than ever in food and beverages. Consumers have high expectations across the entire purchasing continuum, from evaluation to consumption. That means they are drawn to a dynamic visual color palette, followed by the all-important taste test.

  • provide the look and taste of longtime favorites.
  • adapt those products to today’s demand for a healthier ingredient list.
  • roll out innovative flavors to complement those traditional offerings.

Looks good, tastes great — and isn’t a diet-busting experience

And that taste has to pack a punch. In recent years, snacking trends have rushed toward bright colors and powerful flavors. That move continues — the rise of Korean and North African profiles offers bold, aromatic seasonings and colorful presentation.

Korean BBQ-inspired flavors have made their way to packaged snacks. Items such as kimchi BBQ pork rinds and Korean BBQ trail mix are hugely popular with younger purchasers who want novelty, as well as an authentic ingredient roster heavy on spice and seasonings and light on fat, sugar and salt. 

As the article laid out, look for even more of this type of product: Kimchi’s profile as a Korean superfood is rising, and gochujang is increasingly showing up in snack foods like candied nuts and popcorn. 

Sweet products are evolving as much as their savory counterparts. There, the trend for color and flavor is combined with the “good for you” message by offering single-serve sizes. 

There will be more mashups of spicy flavors such as habanero, cayenne and chipotle in the sweet baked goods category as brands look for ways to meet this trend. Flavors like ginger, yuzu and matcha are on the rise in sweet baked goods as consumers seek combinations that enable them to experience another culture or place.

In both sectors, expect an increase in demand for plant-based ingredients and options tailored to specific dietary needs, such as gluten-free, keto or dairy-free.

SensaMelts™ captures and retains the full sensory experience

Sensient Flavors & Extracts is helping manufacturers deliver with SensaMelts, a solution designed to deliver exceptional flavor and color in high-heat product systems. 

“The solution works by encapsulating flavor & color in a fat-based system for flavor retention,” Sydney Byrne, marketing specialist, told the publication. “It provides post-bake shelf stability and offers bakers the flexibility to add particulates, such as pretzel or graham pieces, for layers of texture in the final product.”

SensaMelts is available in a variety of flavors and colors. It is gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, and it works in almost every baked goods application.

Ready to learn more? Let’s be taste buds! Contact us for more information on SensaMelts and our full bakery capabilities designed to add a dynamic look, feel and taste to your products.