Herbs and Botanicals Provide Flavorful Taste Experience

Keera Perumbala, Marketing Manager and Adam Kitchen, Beverage Application Technologist at Sensient, spoke to Nutraceutical World Magazine regarding one of the more rapidly growing trends in the past decade, which is the attraction to “health and wellness.”   We are seeing at an increasing rate consumers want to improve and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The concept of “wellness” differs from consumer to consumer, but at the heart of it, the idea is to make choices that lead to a holistically healthier life.

Clean Ingredients and Taste Become more Influential

Though the depth of COVID-19’s impact is yet to be fully recognized in the marketplace, health, clean ingredients, and taste will only become more influential, and we are seeing products that carry healthful ingredients and flavors are being favored.

Food and beverage products sourced from herbs and botanicals can provide a flavorful taste experience while targeting heath conscious consumers.  Flavors such as hibiscus, chai, ginger, and lavender are cult favorites that one can spot almost too easily in many products on the grocery shelves. The popularity of elderflower, rosemary, thyme, etc., have also been soaring especially in the tonic water space. 

Visual Appearance Impacts Consumer Purchase

Sensient’s research has shown us that provenance claims help nudge a consumer to buy a certain product over their less romantic counterparts. While taste is what would get consumers to buy a product repeatedly, visual appearance impacts consumer purchase initially. 

Some products with botanicals or herbs come with inherent issues that may need masking. Adding complementary flavors to the botanical extracts help enhance their profile ensuring that the full effect of the botanicals come through.

Products like teas, flavored waters, seltzers, non-alcoholic beverages, ice creams, sauces are leading the trend in creating flavorful taste experiences with herbs and botanicals.

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