Healthy snacks? Not an oxymoron

By Trevor Williams

Healthy snacks? Not an oxymoron, and now the consumer desire is driving new trends

Healthy living isn’t just aspirational for consumers, as rising gym memberships and other indicators attest. The same goes for what they eat, down to and very much including the snacks they enjoy.

That means label-reading has more importance than ever before. All natural, healthy and other language designed to promote authenticity has strong appeal. Simple tastes and natural ingredients are all the rage, and the more unique, the better.

That mindset, particularly among Millennials, is also fueling the rise in sustainability claims. Whether it’s farming, harvesting or packaging, eco-friendly products can command a premium price. And given that snacking accounts for up to half of most consumers’ daily calories, that’s a huge and very diverse market to be tapped.

Pair all that with individuality, where consumers feel like they are being sought out for their own individual snacking tastes, and then rewarded with a positive customer service experience and follow up via social media, and you’ve got a winning combination to build brand loyalty and repeat business.