Healthy snacking and plant-based foods fuel growth of nuts, seeds and inclusions

Nuts and seeds are growing in popularity due to an increase in healthy snacking and consumer interest in plant-based products. According to Innova Market Insights, 7 in 10 U.S. consumers sought healthier snacking options in 2018.

“These newly emerging trends and interest in plant-based products are drawing focus on nuts and seeds in snacks, bringing them more than a nutritional edge. Their focus as protein-packed has always been known, but now the brands are using seeds, nuts and other inclusions to bring a textural and flavorful element into their snack products,” says Keera Perumbala, marketing associate, sweet and beverage flavors, Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, IL.

Nuts, seeds and other inclusions offer the perfect trifecta of taste, texture and nutrition. Many provide protein, fiber and vitamins and minerals.

With these trends projected to continue to rise, nuts and seeds are well positioned for ongoing growth.

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