Hard seltzer niche creates opportunity for unique flavor blends and concepts

Consumers want convenience, and a year of being socially isolated has brought that into sharp relief. In the food and beverage space, that has translated into curbside pickup, meal delivery and a sharp rise in the ready-to-drink alcohol space.

A chief beneficiary has been the hard seltzer market. These beverages have moved from novelty items to solid producers in a very short period of time, and now manufacturers are going to the next level when it comes to taste and flavor innovation — without losing the health-conscious marketing angle.

Hard seltzers fit snugly into the “mood-enhancing” food and beverage growth surge. Products are being touted as mood changers, capable of everything from making a bad day better to having a longer impact on mental health. That’s a natural evolution for alcoholic beverages, and seltzers offer the chance to also promote a cleaner label and healthier lifestyle.

By offering bold flavor combinations and concepts, manufacturers also can zero in on the lucrative Millennial and Gen-Z markets. For instance:

Carrot Elderflower Purple Tea: This “hard tea” concept, paired with vegetables and herbs, creates a healthy image, and the purple aspect sets it apart visually.

Whiskey Lemonade Hard Seltzer with Azacca Hops: Hops are moving from beer to other beverages, and this pairing puts a new twist on a proven favorite alcohol/flavor combo.

Passionfruit Hard Seltzer: Vodka-based hard seltzers are enormously popular, and this takes a known flavor and creates a simple pairing with familiar appeal.

Blood Orange Coffee Seltzer: Coffee bars continue to erupt on street corners even in pandemic times. Why not offer a perfect blend of coffee, alcohol and always-inviting citrus?

Berry Lemongrass Seltzer: One draw for alcoholic seltzers is the ability to create potent visual images, such as this berry offering that’s unique and recognizable.

There’s so much more innovation on tap for the hard seltzer market. Let’s discover what we can create together. Contact us today to see how we can help your brand capitalize on the hard seltzer trend.