Flavor Enhancers can also be Label-Affirming Ingredients

As consumers continue gravitating toward food and beverages that support a wellness-based, active lifestyle, clean labels will remain the gold standard for manufacturers. And it’s a given that flavor will lead the charge. Even with salt being the “king of condiments,” consumers are still watching their sodium intake.

Yeast extracts and ingredients that enhance the “saltiness” perception of a product without actually boosting the sodium content are a great solution for this common consumer need, according to an article in Food Processing about flavor enhancers that also boost label appeal.

Salt and its replacements don’t just add salty flavor, they also enhance the positive flavor attributes of flavors and ameliorate bitter flavors by suppressing their compounds in foods. According to the article, using yeast ingredients to achieve that end is a great alternative because they are natural – and thus a perfect fit for cleaner label products..

Yeast extract blends such as Sensient Flavors’ SensaSalt™ 2G can enhance the perceived saltiness in lower-sodium formulations, says Roger Lane, marketing director.

“It’s a blend of yeast extracts and other proprietary ingredients that label as ‘natural flavor’ and is considered a clean-label solution,” Lane says in the article, which also takes a look at sugar alternatives to feed the constant consumer demand for sweet treats without the caloric and guilt punches that sugar packs.

Read the full article at Food Processing.

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