Flavor and Extracts offer innovative opportunities for sweet indulgences

The “better for you” mantra is here to stay when it comes to food and beverages. The consumer demand is echoing across all product subsets, from frozen food and snacks to candy and other sweets. How can you give sugary treats a healthier profile? Through flavors and extracts.

Consumers want the candy they love, and they are willing to experiment with tweaks to traditional flavors. That offers a window for manufacturers to roll out some new twists, said Kevin Barasa, global product manager for Sensient Flavors & Extracts in a recent Food Business News article.

“Extracts such as chaga mushroom, habanero, and ginger are good options since they check the box of functional benefits while still delivering an exciting taste experience,” Barasa said. “Chaga mushroom and ginger deliver myriad functional benefits ranging from being an adaptogen to digestive support.”

These flavors and extracts, along with many others in Sensient’s portfolio, can play a critical role in making “better for you” candy a topline seller by delivering the indulgent experience consumers expect. Ingredients affect the buying choices of two out of three consumers, according to the International Food Information Council.

Here’s how one formulation might work: chaga mushrooms and ginger extract both complement the taste of chocolate. Pairing either of them with chocolate creates a unique taste with a healthy profile that delivers an adaptogen while providing digestive support.

Sensient’s available options, which have greatly expanded with the acquisition of Flavor Solutions Inc., mean that product developers have a broad array of tools to address challenges when making fun, innovative and delicious products. From sugar reduction to flavor enhancement, Sensient is ready to help creators push the limits of imagination for new possibilities.