Eggnog: Traditional and evergreen indulgence.

By Kurt Riethman

Walking through the dairy aisles between October and January, one can most definitely expect to see them well-stocked with eggnogs, preparing you for the most anticipated time of the year. Dairy products typically have a base profile that many consumers find comforting. Eggnog in particular builds on that by capitalizing on the holiday season and the story it tells.

One reason eggnog is rarely changed is due to its unique seasonality. Tinkering with a beloved concept can be risky, but done well, it also can provide amazing rewards. For instance, revising a well-known product such as eggnog to enrich it with more protein, or a unique new flavor profile, can bring a whole new and loyal consumer audience to manufacturers.

That’s why a proven innovator like Sensient continues to provide a “classic” eggnog while also exploring new ingredient profiles to offer new and innovative flavor delivery alongside the existing reputation for richness and indulgence.

The basic profile is typically achieved with a classic ingredient, color and flavor profile, such as:

  • Egg yolk solids
  • Milkfat
  • Milk solids
  • Color additives
  • Rum/alcohol notes
  • Cinnamon/nutmeg notes

A few years ago, when the bird flu wiped out the availability of eggs and the prices skyrocketed for the available eggs, we made egg-free “holiday nogs”, using flavor technology that mimics the traditional mouth feel and flavor. “Egg processors try to rebuild dried and frozen inventories to accommodate traditionally higher consumer demand in Q4” agrees Jennifer Vande Loo, Senior purchasing manager at Sensient.

For years, eggnog has been a staple in the Sensient flavors’ palette. A few of our customers are on the journey to switch out artificial ingredients to natural. While, there are certain challenges to capture the same flavor profile and impact, we successfully supported their requests by maintaining the mouthfeel, flavor impact and the true profile of an eggnog.

Sensient also can provide a flavor, color and spice combination in the base for our innovative customers who want a single source for their eggnog needs.