Consumer Interest in Artisanal Baked Goods Creates Opportunities for Standout Products

There’s one thing most everyone can agree on: they love the smell of fresh-baked bread. Indeed, bread and other baked goods, from cookies to bars and other snacks, are go-to items for consumers. Even those who are trying to “cut carbs” will indulge in the sight, smell, taste and overall feeling that quality baked goods provide.

That said, not anything with a crust will do. As they are in other food areas, consumers are demanding fresh, authentic and natural flavor profiles. They are buying baked goods at niche bakeries as much as they are in larger grocery stores chiefly for that reason. To lure them back, larger retailers must provide unique, dynamic offerings that pack an irresistible multisensory punch.

Sensient flavorists are tracking the trends in baked goods and creating flavors that line up with consumer demands around ingredients — all the way to how they want to feel before, during and after the eating experience.

Naturalness. “Clean label” is the buzzword, but what does that mean? In this instance, simply that consumers have come to believe that fewer ingredients = a healthier product. Sensient’s large and growing range of botanical extracts, natural flavors and colors answers the call.

Healthier Options. In line with clean labeling, consumers want to see a product that offers them guilt-free pleasure by having lower amounts of sugar and sodium. By using industry-leading taste modulation technology, Sensient has created sweetness solutions, sodium reduction and protein masking for multiple product lines.

Permissible Indulgence. Capture consumer interest with snacks that can be billed as better for them in terms of overall nutritional content. By creating innovative blends within familiar taste profiles, Sensient offers flavors that lend themselves to products with smaller packaging for the indulgence market.

Authenticity. Consumers want “craft” products that tell a story, things that let them “taste the difference.” Sensient provides that through natural ingredients that have a strong identity and provenance story.

Fun For You. It’s a social media world, and people photograph and share their food before they eat it. Sensient products combine natural flavors and colors alongside tastes that track trends, enabling manufacturers to custom-create unique, eye-catching and delicious products.

Sensient’s team of flavor experts has fingers on the pulse of consumer demands — both now and in the future. Let us work with you on your current products, as well as what’s still in the design and concept stages, to create colorful, flavorful baked goods that consumers will see, smell, share and taste. Contact us to learn more.