Raspberry deep-dish pie with rose petals

Classic favors become new sensations in next wave of food & beverage innovation

Can everything old be new again? Most certainly. In fact, reinvention is a hallmark of the food and beverage industry, where new twists on favorite standbys are commonplace.

Consider the work being done now in the “healthy living” arena. Consumers crave and demand soothing, comfort foods — just without the fat, calories and sugar. In response, manufacturers have rolled out entire lines of “better for you” food and beverage alternatives. To make those happen, they need dynamic, unique and appealing flavors.

That’s why Sensient continues to conduct research on consumer trends and desires. Those insights give us a window into not just what’s trending today, but what will fuel successful products tomorrow. For instance, consider these latest revolutionary trend insights in our Trends to Taste portfolio:

  • Strega (an Italian herbal liqueur)
  • Oud (a raw wood scent formed from a parasitic tree mold)
  • Ispahan (a classic Parisian dessert combining rose, raspberries and lychee)

In these chaotic times, consumers seek the comfort of the familiar. Even so, they want to be challenged and to find new favorites. Making sure our customers can answer both of those challenges drives the Sensient team every day.

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