Chili Extracts Gain Prominence in Booming Plant Extracts Market

The demand for food and beverage products with natural ingredients and extracts — particularly those from teas and chilis — keeps ramping up. A recent Food Business News article took a closer look at the trend, which is giving rise to what MarketsandMarkets predict could be a $61.15 billion global extracts market by 2027.

The predicted increase is a 12% rise from today, and it’s fueled by many drivers: consumer desire for natural ingredients and products; an older population of label-readers who want a clean ingredient profile; and younger consumers who want products that fit into a “better-for-you” lifestyle and whose ingredients can possibly lessen or even ward off chronic conditions.

Sensient Flavors & Extracts has tapped into this desire with its Boundless™ line of chili extracts, which offers manufacturers a comprehensive line of flavors to meet consumer demand for complex heat and global taste profiles. As Sales Manager Kevin Barasa explains, “We saw an opportunity for spicy ingredients in food and beverages that cannot use traditional formats, such as powders and pieces.”

The Boundless extracts portfolio features:

  • Ancho Chili: With slightly smoky notes, ancho pairs nicely with coffee, BBQ and pasta sauces.

  • Habanero: Habanero brings great heat, but this often keeps consumers from discovering the fruity elements. The Habanero extract amplifies the fruity notes in the varietal, and it works well in ice cream applications. The creamy, cool ice cream balances the heat to give consumers a unique taste experience. Habanero can also elevate mocktails, pairing well with sweet fruits—think mango-habanero limeade.
  • Green Jalapeño: Known for its use in margaritas, salsas and marinades, this most-recognized and popular pepper is expanding to items like strawberry jalapeño salsa and cranberry jalapeño chutneys.

The Boundless portfolio also hits the right notes when it comes to clean-label inclusion and sourcing transparency. The crop optimization pioneered by Sensient’s Natural Ingredients division in Turlock, California, has put our team of flavorists ahead of the competition when it comes to amazing, flavorful chili extracts.

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