Can a Healthy Lifestyle Extend to Alcoholic Beverages?

Consumers say it should.

Think the “better for you” trend in food and drink hasn’t affected alcoholic beverages? Think again.  Mocktails are also regaining traction as consumers look to indulge without paying the price in terms of their wellness-oriented lifestyle.

Natural ingredients, interesting flavors and new takes on old favorites get consumers’ attention, according to 6 Trends in Healthier Alcohol and Alcohol Alternatives, a recent article from Nutritional Outlook magazine that calls out these emerging changes to watch:

  • Flavor trends that are both familiar and new
  • Functional alcohol and performance beer
  • The ongoing popularity of near-beer
  • Kombucha’s marketplace dominance
  • Plant-based, low-sugar and other targeted lifestyle creations

It’s a busy time to be a beverage developer, or a thirsty consumer!

Read the full article at Nutritional Outlook.

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