2020 Flavor trends for food and beverage

Leading flavor themes for 2020 include a growing focus on nostalgic sweet flavors, sour and fermented flavors, and fruity flavors with a healthy halo. Regional influences also continue to entice the adventurous consumer.

The key is to remember that today’s consumers are embracing a broader range of flavors than ever before. “The everyday consumer now is very different and unpredictable,” says Keera Perumbala, marketing manager at Sensient Flavors (Hoffman Estates, IL). “They are athletes, wellness enthusiasts, vegans, connoisseurs, well-traveled, and aware. Food and beverage brands are constantly reinventing themselves in order to meet the needs of the future consumer. Unique flavor profiles combined with distinctive experiences are essential to a product’s success.”

Here are the flavors formulators should keep on their radar:

  • Sweet flavors will always have a home with consumers. Food, drink, and supplement shoppers continue to find comfort not only in classic dessert themes but also confectionery flavors that bring back memories of childhood.
  • Fruity notes continue to play well with all consumers, including those who associate these flavors with health and wellness.
  • Consumers generally associate botanical, plant-based ingredients with functional health benefits. Sensient Flavors’ Perumbala says: “Herbs, florals and spices in beverages add not only an exotic twist and culinary exploration, but also offer a health halo to products they are used in. Even alcoholic beverages are taking advantage of this transferred health halo. Pine, milk thistle, hibiscus, etc., are some such ingredients that you can expect to start seeing in the coming years.”
  • Sour and fermented ingredients.
  • Spicy flavors from a range of cuisines.
  • Coffee is a flavor that never goes out of style.
  • Meat-alternative products and meat-inspired flavors.
  • Regional flavors
  • Sustainable options in foods and beverages—flavors included

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