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Sensient Flavors & Extracts Launches Multifaceted BloomGenix Platform

Sensient BioNutrients, a business unit of Sensient Flavors & Extracts, is introducing BloomGenix™, a Biostimulant solution. BloomGenix is the latest product line to showcase Sensient BioNutrient’s expertise in creating high-quality, specialty ingredients to stimulate plant growth. It offers an eco-friendly, animal-free line of ingredients for formulators to design high-performance products.

BloomGenix has a spectrum of functional profiles and active ingredients that allow formulators to create tailored solutions for stages of plant growth. The result is enhanced uptake of macro and micronutrients, increased crop quality and yield, and a better ability to withstand abiotic and biotic stress. This, in turn, supports better marketable yield and post-harvest shelf life.

Below are some of the ways BloomGenix can be used to create higher-performing growth solutions:

  • Formulated into Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (NPK) fertilizers 
  • Combined with other biostimulant ingredients and Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)
  • Used with a surfactant or as a seed treatment

The BloomGenix line is created from different yeast and plant sources using extraction techniques customized to produce various functional components. These components include bioactive amino acids and peptides, hormone-like peptides, osmoprotectants, vitamins, organic carbon, trace minerals, nucleic acids, and various growth factors. These functional ingredients also act as a complex nutrition source for beneficial microbes on the plant and root surface to support robust plant growth.

“BloomGenix showcases Sensient’s commitment to supporting the continuum of product development from pre-planting through growth, cultivation and processing,” says Lisha Daniel, Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager. “Our growing global network of research labs and universities allows us to dig deep into the science and efficacy of our ingredients so that we can equip formulators with the best tools.”

Sensient is committed to being forward-thinking in our innovations to meet our customers’ needs. Sensient BioNutrients’ world-class manufacturing sites across the United States, United Kingdom and Mexico gives confidence to our customers in our ability to meet their global demands in a challenging supply chain environment,” adds Varun Mathur, General Manager of Sensient BioNutrients.

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