Real extracts. Real value. Sensient Natural Extracts

By Alan Gundle

At Sensient, we talk a lot about the key benefits of our extracts: Real extracts. Real value. Sensient Natural Extracts are used in clean-label, transparent ingredient panels that instill confidence in consumers. They can be organic compliant and have the claim of provenance that manufacturers and consumers demand in their products. And their authentic tastes transform product profiles, which create interest and build brand loyalty.

What can sometimes get lost when describing the many benefits of extracts is exactly what they are. So let’s address that:

An extract is a compound prepared from matter extracted directly from a specific source botanical, or from a unique grouping of botanicals.

In addition to the profiles and combinations that can be created from Sensient Natural Extracts, there are many other positives regarding their use:

  • Taste retention. Extracts keep their flavor profile and taste far longer than their source botanicals. They won’t last forever, certainly, as they are free from preservatives, but their shelf life is more than sufficient for storage and use over a specified manufacturing period.
  • Diverse application. Sensient Natural Extracts are created using several technologies so that each has excellent solubility for use in water or oil. This makes them ideal for use in multiple food and beverage applications.
  • Almost limitless potential. Very few botanicals are unsuitable for extracts. Herbs, fruits, flowers and hops, spices, vegetables, teas, coffees, cocoas … the list continues to grow, meaning there is something suitable for most any product in development.

In the coming months, Sensient Natural Extracts are likely to see even more innovative uses. In Europe, for instance, the growth of craft and flavored beer lends itself to extracts with the transparency and provenance Sensient offers, allowing for clean labeling and consumer buy-in. Doubtless there are even more exciting products in development, the Sensient team never stops expanding its palette of extracts and taste combinations.