Product development efficiency in the age of naturalness

By Keerthana Perumbala

President of Sensient Colors, Mike Geraghty has outlined three key strategies to reduce complexities when formulating with clean ingredients in Sensient Food Colors latest blog.

Today’s evolving consumer preferences, combined with tight budgets and deadlines, heighten the importance of efficient product development.

Partnering with a supplier like Sensient who has extensive experience in managing full ingredient systems of color, flavor, extracts, and other natural ingredients helps to ensure compatibility from bench formulation to batch scale-up.

Geraghty outlines customer hurdles and Sensient’s strategic approach to the following product development efficiency channels.

  1. Turn-Key Compatibility of Natural Ingredients
  2. Leverage Quantitative Sensory Testing from Suppliers
  3. Share Ingredient Sourcing Values: Global Mindfulness

Read more from Sensient Colors President, Mike Geraghty here.

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