Perking Up

Coffee is a daily ritual for millions, and is a beverage that quite literally awakens our senses. Have you ever sat down and took the time to savor the aroma and taste of the coffee you have in front of you, instead of grabbing a to-go cup? Let’s learn from the Swedish on how to do The art of a coffee break through ‘Fika’. Fika refers to the moment one enjoys their coffee, taking a break from the routine, sometimes with sweet goods to accompany. Taking time to sip the coffee slowly, and thinking what feelings did the sound of the coffee brewing and its aroma invoke, what was the color, and what tastes can you discern is a ritual in itself in some other parts of the world.

Like many other beverages, coffee has become a medium for functional ingredients and added health benefits beyond natural energy. Consumers are looking to their coffees for antioxidants or other goodness associated with immunity, digestive or anti-ageing benefits. They are looking for added protein that can be effective as meal replacements, snacks or workout prep even.

Functional RTD and cold brew coffee drinks are increasing in popularity. Keera Perumbala, marketing manager, Sensient Flavors said “For consumers today, especially the younger generation, everything is about the experience. It is about the premium ingredients used and how to get ‘extra’ from your coffee.

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