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Leaping Forward: Sourcing the Ingredients of the Future

How do we continue to innovate towards the most sustainable, best quality, lowest impact, least wasteful & most desirable ingredients and products?  This question will be even more important post COVID-19.  We are seeing that brands are still focusing on innovation, and approaching it in a new way.  Many have been able to work on innovation from home offices and labs.  Locally sourced, along with better flavor, cleaner ingredients that offer a higher value will be high priorities for consumers.

In this article, we weigh in on the benefits of using natural ingredients for transparency and the ways in which technology is helping us connect with isolated regions, giving product developers more options. 

The benefits of natural ingredients are they bring transparency, but, most importantly, taste to consumers. Tastes that trigger a memory in consumers are most likely to have a repeat purchase. There is a nuance to developing products with natural ingredients, but when executed properly, consumers will reward hard work with brand loyalty, says Kevin Barasa, Global Product Manager, Extracts.

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