Inventive Global Flavors Offer Consumers New Experience and Ease Stress

Stress eating is not a new phenomenon, and during the global pandemic a lot of people turned to food to soothe their jangled nerves. Some wanted a new, creative taste sensation to get them out of the moment, while others craved the familiar. Even more wanted to blend the two! And as people venture out again, snacking and mobile meals are more commonplace than ever.

Also thanks to the pandemic, people who were staying home had more time to see what trendy chefs and restaurants were up to — viewership rose on the Food Network and other outlets that feature food programming. Now people are trying to find those flavors in their local restaurants and food trucks. And they’re also looking in the snack aisle.

Sensient’s Master Flavorist Terry Miesle recently shared that insight and more with Food Business News. The article explored the intersection of snacking as a way to broaden taste horizons while also alleviating stress. And there’s a lot more to snacking than that, Miesle points out, noting how the lines between snacks and meals continue to blur.

“Mobile meals have always been with us. Workers bringing lunch and snacks or purchasing street cart or to-go food dates back thousands of years,” Miesle explains. “We see a resurgence in food trucks, bringing the street vendors back into public life in many cities. There’s a lot of creativity with these outlets, blurring the lines between categories and elevating or demoting various dishes to make them unique, fun and more portable.”

And as consumers find, and love, new flavor mashups, expect those to find their way into grocery stores. Smart manufacturers are taking steps to capitalize on the demand and literally meeting consumers where they are — in the snack aisle. Even consumers who may not be hip to the latest flavor combo will see something there that catches their eye and give it a try. Or, as Miesle puts it, “You never know whether you’ll like that kimchee bratwurst cojita grilled cheese until you try it.  Make sure you try dipping the sweet potato fries in gochujang mayonnaise. It’s great!”

Today’s cooking show or food truck taste phenomenon can be tomorrow’s go-to snack offering for your product line. Let’s work together and create the next generation of snack products that meet consumer demand and position your brand for continued growth.