Ice cream Innovations Continue to Please Consumers’ Discerning Palates

By Keera Perumbala

Dessert trends come and go, but one product never leaves consumers’ hearts — ice cream. Ice cream is a timeless classic enjoyed by all ages, thanks to the ability to create different flavors, add-ins and blends. Can a time-honored, luxurious treat also convey health benefits? Yes!

Enter “Health Halo” trends where ice creams are enhanced with:

  • High protein
  • Hidden veggies
  • Superfood ingredients like collagen and probiotics
  • Dairy-free alternatives
  • Natural sweetness (or in some cases low sugar)
  • Exotic fruits and premium flavors and ingredients

By incorporating superfoods, proteins, fruits, vegetables and other natural elements that consumers demand, ice creams can include healthy components without sacrificing taste, texture and mouthfeel.

Great Flavors that are also Instagrammable.

Motivators behind consumers’ choices vary widely, though taste and texture span across all. For instance, the coveted Millennial and younger demographics say that when they look for ice cream products, they look for words like chunky, crunchy, crispy and ooey-gooey. Plus they look for products that are visually appealing — great flavors that are also Instagrammable.

High Value on Clean-Label Products

Health-conscious consumers are looking for benefits such as dairy free, protein, low sugar and low calorie without sacrificing taste.

Ice cream flavor mixes and combinations, premium profiles like ethnic flavors, spices like turmeric, inclusions like pretzels and potato chips, and alcohol are all trends influencing the ice-cream space.

Sensient Flavors has the experience and expertise to track and maximize value from these consumer trends. Our formulators have focused on the following areas when crafting new inclusions and combinations:

  • Sophistication
  • Premiumization
  • Regional Influence
  • Boozy/Just for Adults
  • Comfort and Nostalgia
  • Health and Wellness
  • Authenticity

At the same time, Sensient knows that consumers place a high value on clean-label products. They want transparency and the ability to identify ingredient sources. Sensient has the grower network and farm-to-table supply chain to meet these demands as well.

Contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you to create an authentic, flavorful ice cream experience that will meet your consumers’ demands.