Getting Intense: Brighter Colors are Associated with More Robust, Memorable Flavors

Consumers eat with their eyes first, it’s said, and there’s a lot of truth to that. Before the first bite, our senses have already taken us on a journey. Whether strolling through a food market, scrolling through social media or sitting down at a restaurant, what we see strongly influences our choices, and the perception of how food and beverages will taste. 

Color, aroma, touch and even sound can evoke different emotions and behavioral responses; and have a huge impact on the way we experience taste. As pointed out recently in Baking & Snack magazine, the deep yellow of pound cake draws customers in and sets a taste expectation, as does the bright orange of a cheese cracker or the deep, dark hue of a brownie.

Colors add an additional layer into food and beverages that consumers use to identify and judge the quality and taste of the foods and beverages they are choosing.  

Desire for Share-Worthy Foods and Beverages

Wherever people are eating and drinking, they want bright, colorful, innovative choices. A recent Sensient study quoted in the magazine verified that notion, pointing out that brighter colors lifted purchase intent by 5 percent.

Now factor in social media, which has propelled the desire for share-worthy foods and beverages. Consumers know it’s just as easy to post a photo of a colorful main dish or beverage from their home as it is from a restaurant. They may even do so more frequently, as they are proud of what they have been able to prepare and create.

So while COVID-19 has added complexity to the quest for visually stimulating food and drink outside the home, it also has challenged consumers to recreate food and drinks with colors, textures and other multi-sensory elements at home. And they have risen to this challenge!

Healthy Food can be Colorful, Tasty and Shareworthy.

And let’s keep in mind that this doesn’t just apply to the brightly colored, “unicorn” trends, but also to nutritious food and drink. Consumers are ranking health more important, and are willing to pay more for higher-quality items as COVID-19 continues. Brands can take advantage of this and use color to push more fruits, vegetables, grains and other naturally healthy food. 

One example, Sensient’s advanced Microfine™ technology, Simplifine™, equips developers with plating-grade natural pigments, completely free of preservatives, GMOs, and incidental ingredients commonly found on “no-no” lists.

Sensient technologists are deeply skilled in the ability to create clean, natural labeling alongside expertise in crafting fun, eye-catching and delicious flavor combinations for foods and beverages. Combined, you’ve got a winning strategy for gaining market share and winning consumer loyalty.

We know how strong the connection between sight and taste can be. Let’s see what we can create together.

Read the full article at Baking & Snack.

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