Flavor Trends Worth Noting in 2019

Global ingredients and cuisine, new twists on comfort foods, creative combinations of the natural and the exotic are trends that continue to gain momentum.

Some trends have lasted long enough that they’re now considered fundamental changes in the way consumers eat. The penchant for healthful, less-processed foods, including lower-sugar options, stands out as an example, as does the increasing demand for the new, different and foreign. Innovative taste combinations, created by pairing spicy and sweet or sweet and savory components in unexpected ways, keep gaining traction, with functional ingredients often added to these formulations.

“One-dimensional products are out,” observes Keerthana Perumbala, marketing manager for Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, Ill. “The younger generation, especially, wants not just taste but also function from their food and beverage choices. We want relaxation from our coffees—hence, kava coffees—or we want energy from our relaxation tea.”

Adaptogens—herbs and roots recognized for their healing properties in China and India—are increasingly being incorporated into food products in the U.S. “With growing knowledge of and access to Ayurveda and ancient Chinese practices, consumer interest in foods and beverages that provide benefits beyond the basics is thriving,” Perumbala points out.

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