Orange Essential Oil

Extracts Give Products Greater Multisensory Appeal for Consumers

Consumers often try a new food or beverage because they are drawn in by how it looks, or by an appetizing smell. They come back when they enjoy the taste. So the more a product can combine its appeal to those three senses, the better it’s going to perform in the market.

Plenty of market research backs this up. A Sensient study found a more than 12% increase in overall flavor perception when paired with the right color, and surveys and product performance have shown that if the taste of a product doesn’t match its look, a consumer will not buy it again.

However, people are moving away from some longtime favorites, laden with artificial flavors or colors, because they don’t mesh well with clean labeling and a healthy lifestyle. Developers know this, but switching from synthetic to natural products is challenging, especially when flavor and color must both evolve. It’s easy to disrupt the balance; in citrus products, for example, product creators often run into challenges with oxidation, stability and shelf life. 

At Sensient, we are continually innovating to meet and outstrip those challenges. To address the issues in citrus products, one of our solutions is “terpeneless” citrus extracts, which improve taste performance in even the most challenging applications. Color isn’t left out, either. At our Innovation Hub, colorists work side by side with flavorists to ensure that our colors and extracts are developed to perform beautifully together. Sensient’s global presence gives manufacturers an edge. Supply-chain challenges were painful and unavoidable in 2020, which demonstrated to manufacturers how crucial it is to have a partner who can meet demand regardless of eternal forces. The Sensient team offers a stable global footprint along with our unmatched technical capabilities and extensive application knowledge.

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