Extracts Allow for Innovation and Satisfy Multiple Consumer Demands

By Kevin Barasa, Product Marketing Manager

It would be easy to categorize consumers’ desire for ingredient transparency as a trend or a fad. It’s been several years, though, and the ongoing call for simpler labeling and farm-to-table growth and processing information is undeniable.  

Companies who are heeding that call — providing products with visible, identifiable ingredients like organic botanicals and extracts — are increasing market share and building customer loyalty. A recent poll produced by Sensient found that 89% of consumers surveyed wanted an easy to understand ingredient list, followed by no additives or preservatives, and use of natural colors and flavors. 

Consumers Certainly Want Authenticity

And they also want transparency and clean labeling, without sacrificing taste. Extracts check all those boxes.

Extracts offer unique flavor profiles and functional benefits. And while extracts have not always been available year-round, Sensient’s advanced technology has resulted in unparalleled flexibility to deliver what is right for your product, regardless of the season. This can help you consistently deliver extract-fueled innovations that build market share and brand loyalty.

Examples of Sensient’s versatility and durability when it comes to extracts:

Green Tea

Stemming from the same plant as black tea, organic green tea leaves are dried, not fermented. This gives the tea leaves their soothing taste. Along with caffeine, organic green tea contains powerful antioxidants that are commonly known to reduce inflammation, help prevent cell damage and promote anti-aging.

Nigerian Ginger

When the leaves of the ginger plant wither, the roots are harvested for use. Nigerian ginger has fewer citrus notes than Chinese ginger, so it goes well in alcohol, brewed drinks, ice cream, seasoning, salad dressings and even dip applications when an earthy, spicy note is desired.

Blood Orange

The blood orange was first recorded in the Mediterranean during the 18th century. They still grow there, as well as in Texas and California. Whether they are incorporated into ice cream, gelato, soda or bakery applications, their flavor is sought after by many developers.


The use of hops in beer is centuries old, but Sensient has found a way to give brewers a new twist on this legendary natural ingredient. We offer a variety of hops extracts that translate into a variety of uses. Our hops will provide improved yield compared to solid hops products, and they save time in the tank. For non-beer uses, Sensient’s hops extracts provide that signature flavor without any solid matter that could interfere with the manufacturing process.

Sensient Continues to Invest Heavily in Natural Extracts

Demonstrating our ongoing commitment to providing food and beverage manufacturers with reliable, long-term quality and flavor consistencies that meet and exceed stringent standards — and do so while delivering a lasting flavor profile that resonates with consumers’ palates while satisfying their desire for an organic, natural experience.

Sensient has the experience, products and capacity to provide “seed to shelf” transparency for our clients. We have the ingredients, colors and technology to enhance existing offerings and bring exciting, innovative new products to market.

Contact us to learn more about creating truly craveable products, that meet your consumer’s expectations for taste and transparency.