Achieve Taste and Mouthfeel of Real Dairy with TrueBoost

How do you take consumers on a journey through your product? Most products achieve this through exciting flavors and unique textures, bonus points if the product is healthy. Consumers expect the familiar and love the surprising. They pay close attention to clean labeling, sourcing and nutrition.

Creating plant-based dairy products that check off consumers’ healthy-living demands and still get that desirable, creamy texture and familiar, rich taste, is a well-known struggle for manufacturers.

Consumers list adjectives like smooth, silky, rich and creamy when outlining their expectation of the product texture. They often mention that they want these plant-based products to mimic and taste like their traditional versions, and that’s been a stumbling block for many food and beverage products.

TrueBoost, a full range of natural flavoring systems that offers full taste in products made with alternative sources like nut milks and plant-based proteins, lets products have it all.  Foods and beverages can deliver on taste, mouthfeel and an enjoyable experience, while also providing the market edge that a healthy label gives.

Each TrueBoost- Mouthfeel flavoring system:

  • is natural and cost-effective, allowing food technologists the flexibility to easily create healthier products without compromising on taste
  • offers rich, heat-stable dairy-like notes

TrueBoost- Mouthfeel creates that sense of ‘healthy indulgence’ that consumers want — and are willing to pay for. Its flavoring systems can enhance the creaminess of cakes and pastries, boost buttery notes of cookies and biscuits, add richness to ice cream and frozen yogurt, provide more authentic notes in drinkable yogurts and cheese products, and enhance the zest and mouthfeel of holiday treats such as eggnog.

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