Create Organic Ways to Meet Consumers’ Healthy-Food Demands

The natural and organic segment of the food industry continues to grow as consumers focus on health and wellness and demand function and transparency in their food. The use of organic flavors, alongside labeling that is clear and easy to follow, builds trust and brand loyalty.

Many consumers feel it is important for brands to have a social mission that aligns with their personal values. Those who purchase organic foods may feel their purchases are better for them and for the environment than their conventional counterparts.

According to New Hope, of healthy lifestyle products industry, food and beverage sales totaled $152 billion in 2019, with organic food and beverage sales accounting for approximately $45 billion, with projected growth across all categories. The use of organic flavors to achieve compliance and certification makes a strong and visible promise to consumers that they appreciate and reward.

Does organic labeling have appeal among consumers?

While the younger and middle age demographic lead the purchases in the organic category, brands should not leave out the growing senior population. Offering products that support healthy aging is a good way to capture a share of that audience.

According to Mintel, 45% of adults who exclusively purchase conventional/mainstream foods and beverages believe that organic foods are healthier than conventional food, while 39% of consumers feel natural claims are too vague.

“Organic” can be created in a few different ways:
  • 100% Organic (all ingredients are organic certified).
  • Organic (95% of ingredients are organic; 5% of non-organic ingredients are allowed).
  • Made with Organic (70% of ingredients are organic).
Good taste is the No. 1 factor in purchase decisions.

While package claims like “non-GMO” gives consumers the perception of healthier choices, only about 36% of consumers know the difference between natural, organic and non-GMO (see The Natural/ Organic Food Shopper – US, July 2019). Brands can capture consumers’ attention by emphasizing products with taste benefits from the use of real ingredients and clean, easy to read labels.

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