Clean Labels Continue to Expand Across Product Lines to Meet Consumer Demand

If anyone thought that consumers’ insistence on clean labeling, or the practice of using more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals in their food and beverages, was a fad, they’ve been proven wrong. Demand has never been higher for products that support a healthy lifestyle and have a “better for you” angle that helps them outsell the competition.

A recent Food Business News article hammered that point home, noting that 58% of respondents from the International Food Information Council’s recent Food and Health Survey say they at least somewhat — if not strongly — agree that they choose food and beverages based on their ingredient profile. More than 20% defined “clean” ingredients as “not artificial or synthetic,” according to the article.

That’s been problematic for manufacturers who don’t have a ready supply of properly sourced, natural ingredients — but not for those who have discovered the many benefits of TrueBoost, a full range of natural flavoring systems that meet a clean-label profile without sacrificing the tastes consumers want.

Depending on how it’s used, TrueBoost can appear many ways on product labels. It can often be labeled as natural flavor and used to replace ingredients that consumers may not consider to be clean-label.

TrueBoost Mouthfeel, for example, is a label-friendly solution that adds a desirable mouthfeel to dairy and non-dairy products. It creates the milky, fatty and creamy notes that give the consumer an enjoyable experience in a more natural manner that can be marketed as healthier. Sensient refers to this as “full taste without full fat,” and it’s exactly what consumers crave. Other TrueBoost applications include enhancing the malty characteristics and creaminess of cakes and pastries, as well as lifting the buttery notes of cookies and biscuits.

TrueBoost flavors also can be used at significantly lower levels, which means manufacturers can reduce costs without sacrificing taste or product quality.

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