2019 formulation trends: bold, adventurous cause-driven

Throughout 2019, one overarching trend will influence not just food and beverage formulations, but also ingredient sourcing, packaging, marketing strategies and commitment to corporate social responsibility.

While some of the more common ethnic cuisines in the U.S. are declining somewhat in popularity, “they’re being replaced by hyper-regional versions,” observes Roger Lane, marketing manager-savory for Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, Ill. “For example, Asian flavors have been around for ages, but we’re seeing interest in Macanese cuisine surge. It’s the perfect fusion food as it combines influences from South America, Europe and Asia.”

“Food as medicine is a concept that is well-established and has been practiced in the East in countries like India and China for centuries,” adds Sensient Flavors marketing associate Keera Perumbala. “In North America, however, this has been a rapidly growing trend for the past few years, as lack of trust in ‘Big Pharma’ is driving more people to buy into it.” She emphasizes how increasing interest in gut health has led to an explosion of products with probiotics and points to the rising popularity of turmeric and adaptogens such as ginger, ginseng and tulsi.

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