2019 Flavor trends for food and beverage

Around the World

Global flavors continue to make their mark stateside as consumers expand their taste horizons.

“I think the interest in global flavors will continue into 2019 and beyond,” says Roger Lane, marketing manager, savory flavors, Sensient Technologies (Milwaukee, WI). “Consumers are simply too tuned-in to what’s happening around the world for continued exploration not to happen.”

With specificity in mind, Sensient’s Lane says “hyper-regionalized” flavors are replacing more commonplace regional flavors. “For example,” he says, “Asian flavors have been around for ages, but we’re seeing interest in Macanese cuisine surge. It’s the perfect fusion food as it combines influences from South America, Europe, and Asia.”

As formulators put new flavors on consumers’ taste maps, marketing stories can also capitalize on the exotic background behind those ingredients. “Products that are created with ingredients that are traceable and have provenance claims can be the nudge that a casual browser needs to engage with a particular product,” says Keera Perumbala, marketing associate, sweet and beverage flavors, Sensient Technologies. “A ‘Brazilian orange’ carries more appeal than an ‘orange.’”

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